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Forum pages not advancing


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It seems I can not go to another page in the forums under any particular section.  Not in this one, not in the tech one and not in Avernum and I am sure the rest as well.  I click on any given page number and it just reorients me to where the page number links are just reaching the top of the screen, as if trying to center me.  I click on the page skip option and type in a page number, but I am still on that same page.  I have even scrolled down to see if maybe it was changing pages, but somehow the pinned threads were of course just staying at the top 😅, but no, the pages do not switch.  Is anyone else having this issue?  I would assume if the forums were truly down it would not even show me the first page of each section or allow me to post this.  And I am not having problems with other forums.  Thank you.


Edit: Posted it here opposed to Tech, as it is not a game issue itself.  Please feel free to move it, if it would be better suited there or somewhere else however.  Thank you.

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