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Jeff is streaming assorted SW stories today Sept 23, 4-6PT


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I just saw on FB that Jeff is going to be streaming for a couple of hours tonight to talk about Avernum EFtP & other SW things.  The link in the post takes you to the A EFtP page on Steam ... so you may need to look around a bit at the correct time if it isn't there (I don't do Steam 99.99% of the time so I really don't know how things work there).

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I watched the first hour or so until the stream hung up & wouldn't reload for me (granted I didn't try too too hard as the hockey game was starting up...).  One thing I really don't like (that Jeff acknowledged was a horrible waste of people's time) was the continual reading of what was on the screen.  Just give a quick recap of what that big block of text said/what it means to the game & get back to the stories about SW in general.  He did say that he was going to try to get the stream up on YT eventually for those that missed it.

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