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A6 Weird bug


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Ok so i am in the memorial grounds, where there's a TU 12 (iirc) door in the southernmost building, where theres an acolyte with some ghasts.


Of course i got down there carelessly and first thing that happens is the acolyte firing me a magic beam (the one that does TWAAAANG) and i realize that i have to get out of there, heal at the portal keep and go there again. To assist my escape i summoned a spirit to block the ghasts.


Now i got down there and guess what? the "Loading" screen with the slithzerikai picture appears, and i'm back at the castle food depot!


i went to the same building again and no problem, i can beat them.


but is is possible that i couldn't have room to get down there and the game kinda "reset" whatever happened there? is it a normal game reaction?

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