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today i found out that...

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It’s always nice coming across little connections like this, isn’t it?

This is actually quite a bit more common than you’d think, particularly for certain types of sounds. Spiderweb, I believe, tends to get its sounds from large sound databases. These are commercial resources that contain huge numbers of sounds, and designers can pick and choose from these to build the sounds of their own worlds.

Of course, Spiderweb isn’t the only company to be using the same databases, so you’ll hear some of the sounds in other places too! Certain specific sounds are extremely common, and you’ll hear them all over the place when you start looking for them.

I can’t say that I’ve heard Avernum’s sounds elsewhere – that’s a nice connection you’ve posted! – but there are some other games where it’s really noticeable.

Marathon is one. In particular, the sound for one of its platforms – the S’pht platform – and an ambient sound played on one of its alien planets – the Lh’owon Loon – appear all over the place in science fiction movies (including, for instance, Star Trek: First Contact), even to the present day!

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