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BoE problem : game awfully slow on a recent PC


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Just started playing BoE yesterday, on a fairly recent PC : Athlon 2400+, 512Mb RAM, Radeon9700 64Mo, - under W98SE.... It should be enough to run 50 occurences of BoE eek , and for example BoA works quite well and so fast I have to put in at "v slow" setting.


But BoE is a snail : in town/outdoors there is a noticeable but playable "lag" to mouse clicks/keys, like 0.5 sec, but in combat it's unplayable : mouse clicks/keys takes 5+ sec to be acknowledged, monster turns lasts for 15-30 sec (with a couple monsters !), it's awful !!


I can't see where is the problem with my hardware/software, given that the game is pretty basic technically (I can run Morrowind or Rome Total War without a hitch tongue ) : could it be some incompatibility with AV or firewall programs ? Or maybe sound (I have a problem with DX sound acceleration, but the game doesn't use DX I suppose)?


Please help ! confused

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This sounds like a problem with Windows 98. I have a whole list of games that run fine in bopth Win 95 and win XP but run exactly as you describe Blades running under Win 98. WIn 98 was, simply put, the worst version of Windows ever released.


Yes, you should turn off firewalls and all other programs(which you do not absolutely need to be running) running both when installing Blades and playing Blades. It is my experience that this will solve such problems %90 of the time.


Also, make sure the game is running in 256 colors(not 16 bit or 24 or 32) even though it doesn't sound like a problem with your display/graphics settings.

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