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The secret Footracer Alien Blade


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One of the interesting features of the Exile series, unlike some of its later brethren, is that examining the map files is a little tricky. It’s certainly possible – people have done it, as shown on these forums! – but it’s not something that can be done as easily as with the more modern games. This means that, even today, there are still a few lingering secrets in the Exile games waiting to be discovered.

For a little fun, I want to expose a small secret in Exile III.

Today, I’m going to tell you how to find the hidden Alien Blade and Mithril Broadsword in Footracer Province. Yes, there are two Alien Blades in Exile III – and a maximum of four Mithril Broadswords!

These weapons have been mentioned obliquely on these forums before but, to my knowledge, no-one has confirmed their existence on here until now. Indeed, they have usually been reported as rumours, so I thought I’d set the record straight!

I attach images to demonstrate this, just to alleviate any doubt. Apologies that these are taken with an edited party, but this was the party I had most easily to hand!

To find the Alien weapon, head to Dellskeep.

It’s possible to do this without resorting to trickery, but it makes matters a little easier if you prepare beforehand! Around the edges of the town are three ominous 3x3 sections of walls. Ordinarily, these open up when traps around the town are triggered, releasing a quickfire storm.

However, you can avoid this. If you move around the outside of the town, and place a barrier next to each block, positioned on the middle wall facing into town, the quickfire will not be able to spread. You don’t have to use a force barrier; a fire barrier will work perfectly well. Once you’ve done this, you can explore inside the traps with little danger.

Go to location x = 40, y = 20. This is the square on the eastern side of town. If you try to ‘get’ items here, you’ll find a Waveblade. It’s an Alien Blade!



The Mithril Broadsword is found in Wyvern Pass.

Use a similar trick to block off the quickfire traps, and head to x = 28, y = 40. This is the square on the southern side of town. ‘Get’ again, and you’ll find a broadsword. It’s a Mithril Broadsword!



Just to show that these are what I claim they are, here are two screenshots, before and after casting Identify. The two items are shown in the red box. Note that I already have one Alien Blade on my person before revealing the second Blade.



There you have it!

Interestingly, while these two locations and their quickfire traps reappear in both Avernum remakes, these weapons have been removed in both of them. Perhaps that’s because of the increased strength of quickfire in the later games, or because having multiple weapons of this strength could cause issues with balance?

Still, this is a fun little secret unique to the Exile series!


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