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Greetings From Spiderweb Software!


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Hello, we’re Spiderweb Software! We’re a husband and wife time in damp Seattle, WA who have been creating fantasy adventures since 1994. Our games are low-budget, retro, and indie, but feature cool stories, unique worlds, and fun game systems.


We have made Avernum saga (old-school, combat-heavy adventure in a vast underworld), the Geneforge series (utterly open-ended gameplay in a sci-fi flavored fantasy setting), and Avadon series (brutal politics in a vast, war-torn continent), and the new Queen's Wish series (a giant fantasy adventure where you are royalty commanded to prove yourself by restoring the power of your empire).


If you would like to follow us and learn more about what we’re doing, we hang out in a lot of spaces.


Our official Spiderweb forum, a home for helpful and friendly fans for decades, is where you're at right now.


You can join our mailing list and get all our new announcements (but only 3 or 4 a year, tops) here ...




We also share our thoughts and plans on our Twitter ...




and our Facebook ...




Finally, we have started a Discord, where fans of retro RPGs can meet up, chat, and trade recommendations.




Thanks again for giving us a chance! We have a lot of different games for different sorts of fantasy fans. Hopefully one of our series will be just what you're looking for!

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