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All the achievements in this game are hidden, so I figured it would be useful to have a list of them, in somewhat arbitrary categories. There are some minor spoilers, but anything major I'm putting in spoiler tags. This isn't meant to be a guide to any of the achievements, merely a list with their descriptions.


Story Achievements

Everything in this list should automatically be received over the course of the story

  • Very Funny: Suvive Sutter's prank at the beginning of the game.
  • Haven Returns: Clear out the bandits in Grandport.
  • Into the Swamp: Enter the Ukat lands.
  • Into the Desert: Enter the Vol lands.
  • Into the Forest: Enter the Ahriel lands.
  • Into the Underworld: 

    Enter the Nisse lands after getting 3 vassals



Decision Achievements

All the achievement pairs in this list are mutually exclusive. You can get both only be reloading an earlier save.

  • Promising Upstarts/Picking the Easy Job: Side with the Brokk clan/Side with the Borgen clan.
  • The Established Order/Sentimentality:  Side with the Mascha/Side with the Owen. Either one seems doable regardless of your reputation, so you can reload after helping one to help the other if you want.
  • A Vote for Sanity/Getting the Job Done Fast: Side with Istara/Side with the Watchers. As a small note, the Watchers will say they need you to give them favored status, but that's actually a bluff. They'll still agree to be your vassals if you deny them that.
  • Base Principles/None Can Escape Justice: Eventually when you visit Miranda at Fort Haven, she'll ask you to judge a man named Maximilian. Declare him innocent for once achievement, and guilty for the other.


Fort Achievements

Every achievement in this list involves the fort management system in some way.

  • Master of Empire: Rebuild every fort.
  • Infrastructure Matters: Build 30 buildings total.
  • Aesthetics Matter: Build 20 different decorations.


Game Completion Achievements

These achievements are all about how you complete the game.

  • The Colony Survives: "Win Haven a permanent place on Sacramentum." Based on the wording, I believe you can get this achievement by 

    Either making a deal with the Nisse in their tower, or completely defeating them

  • Total Victory: Beat the game and utterly defeat your enemies. Specifically, 

    Don't make any deals with the Nisse

  • Sharyn Prizes Efficiency: Totally defeat your enemies, as above, but within 100 days on normal difficulty or higher.
  • Hardened Veteran: Totally defeat your enemies on Veteran or higher.
  • Legendary Warrior: Totally defeat your enemies on Torment.

I believe for all achievements relating to difficulty, you cannot set the difficulty below the threshold at any point in the story. You can't just increase the difficulty at the end of the game, in other words.


Miscellaneous Achievements

  • Whoops: Die.
  • Delia's Good Influence: Read 15 different books.
  • The Strange Folk: Visit all 3 Nisse Refuges.
  • Voyager of the Night: Dream 7 times in the Nisse Refuges.
  • As Long as I Don't Learn the Details: Buy a share of Cappia-Mascha's operation in Vitasa.
  • Puzzle Master: Complete 7 Nisse coin puzzles. For the second puzzle in each refuge, you only need to open the exit for it to count as complete. You don't need to open every door.
  • Big Game Hunter: Collect 3 trophies on Veteran difficulty or higher.
  • In Your Face, Sutter: Collect 6 trophies on Veteran difficulty or higher.


nlambert's index has a list of all coin puzzle solutions as well as trophy locations

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