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My spells damaging my chars

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I have been playing Jeff's games since Exile days and I can't remember this ever happening before.  I recently started a game of A3 on Hard with a 2 man party.  I have seen that when I cast spells, if one of my characters is in the way of the spell, they are being affected.  I have killed off my own characters with area damage spells, blown my char across the map with the cold storm spell, etc.  I was used to having ground effect spells harm my chars, but I don't remember ever having any other spells actually hurt my own characters.  Is my memory faulty or is my game munged somehow?

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Hello Beth,


I can reassure you that this isn't a bug!


Spells damaging friendly characters is something that has been recently introduced into Spiderweb's games. It's only been present in the last couple of releases, and it only happens if you are playing on Hard or Torment difficulties, so it's entirely possible that you won't have seen it before.


I believe the rationale behind it is to make battles more of a tactical challenge. I certainly find that it makes me much more aware of my party's positioning. Now, I always have to be aware of where my mage is standing before throwing out a lightning spray!

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Thankfully, it's only the targeted spells that will damage your party. You're perfectly safe with spells that automatically attack all creatures around the caster. Divine Retribution will still work as it used to, and you won't need to worry about being damaged! This isn't quite as stressful as using Exile's Shockwave, thankfully!


I wouldn't be too concerned about getting damaged by your spells. It takes a little getting used to and, if you're like me, there will be a few times early on when you zap a party member into oblivion at a critical moment. However, you'll get used to it quicker than you might think – and it really does make fights more interesting!


Good luck, and enjoy your adventures in Valorim!

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