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Filth Factory - Guardians?

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Hey all, Avernum 3 is one of my favorite games and I played it a long time ago. Anyways, I've been playing it again on from a copy I bought on GOG.


I'm in the Filth Factory with my party and there's a secret passage on the second level that ends in a corridor with two doors. Opening them reveals nothing, but my party gets attacked - viciously - by something invisible. I keep dying again and again against these invisible creatures. When I attempt to attack the invisible creatures I can barely hit them at like 5% to 15% accuracy, and they cannot be targeted by spells.


Sooo... In the party editor, I beef up my party's stats (in a separate save file) to see what happens *if* I could kill them. Anyways, I was able to and it turns out they are called 'Guardians'. Searches online reveal nothing about these creatures or anything about them being *this* difficult on walkthroughs of the area. - What gives? Any insights? Thanks!

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Guardians and another invisible monster were a holdover from the older Exile games, but with the nasty problem that they could only be hit by targeted attacks or Blade Barrier spell targeted on a visible monster or party member. They are nasty, but should have been killable if you weren't having problems with other boss monsters.


There are more of them found later in the game, so plan on not seeing them.


Welcome back to Spiderweb Software. Please leave any remaining sanity at the door. You might want it back later. :)

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Thanks, so they are supposed to be invisible. Good to know! I remember Exile having more area type spells, I just have up to the lightning spell (which most spells are target-only). Anyways, I found them to be far harder than the dragon on Pergies, because at least that dragon had a greater than 70% hit chance and some distractions later it was dead pretty quickly. I also had more navigation room than the corridor I was in.

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