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entering the darkside loyalist hideout (Avermum 4)

Capt. Jim

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Hello Capt. Jim,


There are a few different places which the darkside loyalists use as a hideout in this game, so I'm not sure which one you're referring to.

If you're referring to the one in the Abyss, are you trying to enter it from the east side of the river? If so, you'll need to wait for a while. You can only enter the base properly from the other side of the river – from Erika's Tower itself – and you can't get there until much later in the game.

One good resource to look at if you're having problems like this is the Annotated Maps. These are maps of the entire game, with a small walkthrough attached for each area. You can find them here:


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Ah, now I understand what the problem is! Sorry for the confusion. Some of the intricacies of this portion of the game had slipped my mind.


Your hunch is indeed correct. In order to get into the base, you do need to be on a quest. Your party knows roughly where the base is, but in order to actually find the hidden way in, you'll need some information from somewhere else.


The quest chain you're looking for is given by Levitt, who you can find in the south-east corner of the upper level of the Castle (near the centre of the Great Cave). There are three quests involved in dealing with the loyalists. The first involves some bandits in the Fissure Post, the second involves Fort Saffron and the third involved infiltrating the base you've found. You'll need to be on this last quest in order to get into the base itself.

Good luck!

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