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Full Stats Info?

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By hit ratio do you mean accuracy or evasion? That's all invisible. You can hover your cursor over a weapon or spell to see its damage and any additional affects it does. You can hover you cursor over armor to see its damage prevention and any additional effects it has. 


I think some of the damage modifiers are completely invisible, though not all. I have two archers. One has ten points in sharpshooter and the other has zero. They both have the same types of bows and the one with 10 points in sharpshooter does much more damage than the other, despite both their bows listing the same amounts of damage done when I hover my cursor over the weapons. 

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The damage displayed for each weapon is the total number of damage levels or damage dice. You get one level/die per point of Strength and each respective weapon skill, and most weapons grant additional bonus levels/dice depending on how powerful they are. I use the word "die/dice" since each damage level adds a random number of damage (1-3 and 1-4 depending on weapon type, if I recall correctly) similar to how you roll dice for damage in tabletop RPGs. This does not take damage bonuses from items, skills or traits into account. Sharpshooter, for example, grants a 4% damage bonus per skill level, so the archer with Sharpshooter 10 would have a 40% bonus to damage.

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