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Avernum: Original vs Remake

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I'am kinda new to the Avernum games 'cause I have buyed them during a sale on GoG in the past and haven't played them a lot. Every now and then I have played a bit the original first game, but othertimes (but not often as the original one) the remake "Escape from the Pit". I like both games but I'am kinda unsure which I should beat first cause they have their diffrences and remakes tent to overthrow features which the original had which were really cool. 

So the question is: Which game should I beat first as a beginner of this series?

The same counts for the other remakes (Avernum 2 and Avernum 3).

(Sorry for gramma errors, english is not my mother language)

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I mean, if you already own both and are playing both, that's really up to you to decide based on your own preferences. The overall story is still the same in both games, although Escape from the Pit has a small amount of extra content in the form of one new town and a few sidequests.

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