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Geneforge BOARDGAME fan made expansion!


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Hello there,

This is a post where I'll be showing you guys my current progress on the content I've been poking around with for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. I have no idea if there are people around here who does play Descent, but I thought, why not check. In case there is, I'd love some feedback about it, since other than myself, I pretty much just have my two brothers that I play Descent with.

If you have not played it and do like board games, I'd definitely recommend it since the combat system reminds a lot of the Spiderweb games, but as they might have been in board game format.


I have tried to preserve as much of the feeling of the classes/characters/creations as possible when converting them, but unfortunately I won't be able to add all aspects because of balance or mechanics issues.

I also realize this will make no sense if you have not actually played Descent. I apologize about that. But if you're curious about a potential Geneforge board game, just try and google descent, and maybe this'll make a bit more sense. Also, be sure it's the second edition. I would put a link in here, but I'm not sure if that's allowed since it might be seen as advertisement or something.


Some things might look a bit weird since I wrote all this with heart emojis for damage and lightning for surges. It seems I only need to rewrite the hearts as damage though. I apologize in case of confusion. If the lightning emojis are only visible for me, please tell me and I'll rewrite them as surge.



Litalia  (Healer)


Move:      3

Health:    8

Stamina: 4

Defense: White


Strength: 2         Lore: 4


Willpower: 4      Awareness: 1


Hero Ability


Each enemy figure who enters a space adjacent to you becomes terrified.


Heroic Feet


(Action): Switch place with a hero withing your line of sight who is at most 5 spaces away from you. Figures and obstacles does not block your line of sight when performing this action. All enemies adjacent to your and the chosen heroes new destinations become stunned.




The passive terrify on Litalia I felt made sense because of all the canisters she's eaten. Her skin glows, and she probably doesn't look very sane. I guess that depends on when in the story of Geneforge you'd be looking at, but I feel that even early on she started with the "raw power is more important than anything" concept. Anyways, I felt this fit quite well with her.

Her heroic feet on the other hand doesn't really make sense at all, Geneforge-wise. I just felt it fit quite well with her hero ability, plus that it was kind of like Master Thorn's heroic that was removed, except this one after all puts her, a squishy mage, potentially into a lot of enemies, which makes it seem alright. The reason why she has such mediocre (or, pretty bad) stats, in case you're wondering, is because of how good her hero ability can be. With good positioning, no melee enemies can surge her or ranged allies. That, I felt fit pretty well with a Shaper/pet class as well; being able to support the team.




Lifecrafter (Healer)

Shaping                                                  Major Heal                        1                Aura of Thorns                 2

Place one of your avaliable                Choose a hero or creation                Your creations and any
creations in an adjacent space.        within 3 spaces and roll two            heroes adjacent to them
If one was already summoned,         red dice. The chosen figure              gains;
remove that one from the map.        heals the amount of hearts             Whenever an adjacent
Avaliable;                                               rolled.                                                  enemy deals ️damage to you,
Fyora                                                                                                                   deal 1 damage to it.

                        Stamina:        1                                          Stamina: 2

Full Shaper                            3               Banish Affliction                1                  Regeneration Aura         2

Use this card when you                       Choose one hero or creation               Exhaust this card and
use Shaping to place                           withing three spaces from                   keep it exhausted until
Kyshakk, Rotgroth or Glaahk              you. That figure removes all                you decide to, at the
adjacent to you instead of any          of their conditions.                                of your turn but after
of the normally avaliable                                                                                      Reg Aura has taken
creations.                                                                            Stamina: 2                 effect, un-exhaust it.

Fyora now has +2 Health,                    Speed                                    1                 While this card is
adds a brown die to it's                                                                                          exhausted, apply -1 to
defense pool and adds Blast              (Action): Exhaust this card.                  your stamina, but
to it's attacks.                                        Choose an adjacent hero                      additionally, at the start
                                                                 or creation. That figure                         of your turn, all heroes
Clawbug now has +2 health,               immedietly performs an attack.          and creations heal 1 damage.
has a black defense die instead         Continue your activation as
of a brown, adds a red power die       normal after the attack.                       If you at the start of
to it's attack pool and gains;                                                                                your turn decide to
⚡️: Immobilize.                                                                    Stamina: 1               un-exhaust this card, the
                                                                                                                                  former reserved stamina
Vlish now has +2 health, adds                                                                             is now healable, but still
a brown die to it's defense pool,                                                                          counts as fatigue.
adds a yellow die to it's attack
pool and gains;                                                                                                       Improvised Shaping         2
⚡️: Curse
                                                                                                                                  Fyora now adds one
                           Stamina: 1                                                                                    green power die to it's
                                                                                                                                  attack pool.
Mass Restore                          3
                                                                                                                                 Clawbug now has
Roll one red and one yellow                                                                                Pierce 2.
die. All heroes and creations
recover the amount of ️hearts rolled                                                                  Vlish no longer requires
and removes one of their                                                                                    ⚡️ to do weaken.
                                                                                                                                 Kyshakk now has;
                                 Stamina: 3                                                                            ⚡️⚡️: Pierce 4

                                                                                                                                 Rotgroth no longer
                                                                                                                                 requires⚡️ to do Terrify
                                                                                                                                 and gains Poison.

                                                                                                                                 Glaahk now has Reach.



(In this section, the notes in between parentheses without the "IS" before them is referring to the stats the creations will get when you buy the "Full Shaper" skill. The ones with the "IS" before them is referring to what they get after you buy the "Improvised Shaping" skill.)

Fyora                                                         Clawbug                                           Vlish

Move: 3  Health: 4 (6)                             Move: 3  Health: 4 (6)                    Move: 4  Health: 3 (5)
Defense: (Brown)                                    Defense: Brown (Black)                 Defense: (Brown)
Attack: Blue + Yellow (IS:+Green)         Attack: Blue + Red (+Red)            Attack: Blue + Yel (+Red)
⚡️: Burn                                                   (⚡️: Immobilize)                            ⚡️: Weaken (IS: -⚡️)
(Blast)                                                       (IS: Pierce 2)                                   (⚡️: Curse)
Ranged                                                     Melee                                               Ranged

Kyshakk                                        Rotgroth                                                          Glaahk

Move: 3  Health: 5                       Move: 4  Health: 8                                         Move: 5  Health: 5
Defense: White                            Defense:                                                         Defense: Brown
Attack: Blue + Red + Red           Attack: Blue + Yel + Yel                                Blue + Red + Yellow
⚡️: +2 ️Damage                          ⚡️: Terrify. (IS: -⚡️)                                      ⚡️: Stun
(IS: ⚡️⚡️: Pierce 4)                   ⚡️⚡️: Immedietly perform                         ⚡️: +2 ️Damage
                                                       another attack against the                          (IS: Reach)
                                                       same target, but only once
                                                       per activation.
                                                       (IS: Poison)
Ranged                                          Melee                                                              Melee




Note that anything here is subject to change. This is a pretty early stage of my "poking around" with this idea. However I do hope it'll lead to something fun.

Once again, please throw some feedback at me, it's always fun to talk to other people and exchange some ideas!

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