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Noob question for Geneforge 1. Leveling up shaper abilities

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Two numbers matter when shaping creations. There's you skill with a type of shaping (e.g. Magic Shaping), and your skill with particular creation (e.g. your level in Artila). You raise shaping skill with the skill points you earn from leveling up. However, canisters are how you raise your skill with different creations. For example, a Create Artila canister will increase your ability at creating Artilas. You'll need to find a Create Vlish canister to make Vlish. Keep exploring the island and one is sure to turn up!


I hope that clarifies things!

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As you need to find canisters to improve your creation varieties, you can look at the list of canisters in Matt P.'s Geneforge Walkthrough. It will tell you which canisters are located where. For the specific creations you want, if you already have the Create Artila canisters from the Ruined School and Pentil Woods, you can either sacrifice skill points to Syros for some canisters (not recommended) or find the canister of Create Artila in the Tribal Woods (northeast of Kazg). The easiest place I can think of to find a canister of Create Vlish is Kazg, in a building on the east side filled with mines. If you follow some of the advice in this thread, you can easily bypass those mines, though. Best of luck.

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