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Erika's Tower 2nd gate bug

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Teleported to Erika's tower, was trying to pass through the second "test" when the gate slammed shut on me, and is stuck that way. I used "backtostart" to keep playing for a while, but I think I'm pretty much stuck unless I can access Erika. Is there any way to reset the area? This is pretty much a game-killing bug :(

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It's been a while but the gate should reopen if you use the original lever that opened it the first time. I can't remember if you have a fixed number of turns to make it through so you have to get at least one character past the gate to keep it open.


I don't have the game out to check what the code is to make it open.

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I'm also affected by this; same exact behavior.

I believe I triggered the bug because some of my party made it through the gate in combat, but not the leader. As a result, I left combat, the party teleported to the wrong side of the gate, then the gate timed out and closed. 

I suspect it's because the switch becomes useless if ANY character makes it through the door, but the door is only permanently opened if either the whole party, makes it through, the leader makes it through, or some later interaction happens.

I also reported a bug via email.

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