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Weird Avernum 1&2 Bug


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This bug occured frequently in Avernum 1&2:


When I enter combat with my party, and the switches from character to character, occassionally it will "freeze" on my priest. (Regardless of what postition s/he is in)To explain this, I will use up all my combat points, then the game will cycle through the next round (with all the baddies making their moves) then it'll skip straight to the priest again, not allowing any of my other characters to make any moves.


This happens over and over again, even if I wait ~30 moves after combat. It's usually so scarce that I can just restore from a previous save and move on, but as of late it's been occuring ~25% of the time I start combat, making it impossible to play. Is there any way to fix this? confused


To get it over with: no, my other characters are not paralyzed, confused, charmed, etc. or in any way prevented from normally moving. As far as I can tell, this is a real bug.


Any help is greatly appriciated! smile

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Ah, thank you thank you thank you. I use my keyboard a lot, especially when targetting enemies, so I'd imagine I accidentially hit this a lot...


But that still doesn't explain why it only happens to my priests. Anyhow, I'll give it a try and see if it fixes it.


Edit: Because O is right next to P. rolleyes (Doh! Should've seen that) I just got a new keyboard with weird wrist rests so I make a lot of typos... that explains the recent occurances, I guess.


Sorry for wasting your time, anyhow! I really appriciate the help! smile

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