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Town Hostile -> Set Attitude


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I modified the town hostile node into a set attitude node. It still behaves like a town hostile node under the default behavior (all fields -1), but allows the user more control of the attitude of the creatures. The following functions were modified:


  • items.c :: a new function set_attitude was created.
  • items.h :: added void set_attitude at bottom
  • specials.c :: node call goes to set_attitude instead of make_town_hostile

The behavior is as follows:

Extra1a: Specifies lower monster limit (-1 for first monster)

Extra1b: Specifies upper monster limit (-1 for last monster)

Extra2a: Specifies attitude (-1 = hostile type A, 0 = friendly, 1 = hostile type A, 2 = neutral, 3 = hostile type B)


Any comments?

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Neutral? I thought it was "Friendly, Docile", "Friendly, will fight", "Hostile type A", and "Hostile type B". Hostile of either type will attack the other type and both Friendly types, Friendly Will Fight attacks both Hostile types, and Friendly Docile won't attack anything but will be attacked by either Hostile type. At least that's how I understood it.

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