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New Life - boat

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I'm looking for the boat in New Life so I can get to Aquatis and the Acidbeat Shrine like the walkthrough says. It implies that the boat is in Bhor-Tak's hut, but I don't see it there. I also can't get a boat at the boathouse near Bhor-Tak's hut. I just fought some Acid Priests and an Acidbeat in an outdoor encounter, and it told me to look around. I'm looking around and I still don't see anything.


Any help as to where the boat is would be appreciated.

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Hmm, I hope this isn't too late, but I think the boat is in a underground lab, where you meet the evil mage guy... after a boss battle you should have access to it, it's a part of the earlier history inside the scen...


If nothing works, the scenario requires no password, so look for yourself...

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