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Geneforge 1 Editor Cannot be Found ANYWHERE? :(

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Hey guys,


I've recently started to play this game again and i am pretty far into Geneforge 1. I want to use a stat editor so that i can up my strength so that i may carry items without being over encumbered. I cant find a single working editor anywhere! i found one at this link




but every time i try it and go into Pentil Woods west, i get an error trying to read the sign! It just doesn't work.


I saw one cheat engine table but it doesn't work either. I am out of options here guys! If someone has a backup of a working editor PLEASE upload it and comment the link. It would be MUCH appreciated.


Thank You!

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Well, you could try editing the script. Open the script of a zone you've already been to, the one ending with "dlg" (i.e. "z13????dlg" with ???? representing the name of z13).

Find the dialogue of an NPC that doesn't end in code.

Add the following there:


code =




Now go talk to this NPC and chose that dialogue option you altered.

You will get 2 strength each time you choose it.

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I dunno. That seemed like he did teach you how to do it. I have no coding experience nor any modding experience with Geneforge but after opening one of the scripts it seems pretty self explanatory.


So As an example, let's open z13pentildlg (Which is Dialogue in the 13th zone - pentil).


Now clearly talk node 2 isn't usable since it literally has the word 'code' near the end and alhoon said to avoid that.


Lets look at node 3. This happens to be Rydell Journal by the looks of things. Now if I type in:

code =




and save that I should get plus 2 strength every single time I read Rydell's Journal. I could even make it alter_stat(0,5); and get 5 strength each time I read the journal.


It seems pretty easy. Try following the steps. (and try not to go over 30 strength. I believe I read about that messing things up)


EDIT: And it seems like you figured it out before I finished posting. Good job.

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I would heavily suggest against +5 strength, cause if you forget you have the mod in place, you can quickly get to +25 strength accidentally. Go for +2 and after you're satisfied, remove the code.



PS. Welcome to modding, both of you. :)


Now that you know the basics, start making content mods.



Remember that dialogue is done in text1, text2,... text8, each text line ends with a ; and each text entry has a maximum size of like 4 lines. Go over this and the script is broken.


begintalknode ??? Tells the game which talk node (dialogue) you are at. "state" tells the game which "dialogue category" so to speak you are at and "next state" tells the game which talk nodes are available at your state. I.e. if you're at talknode 20 with state 7, "next state" is 8 and talk nodes 22, 30, 31 and 32 have state 8, then while in the game you are at talknode 20, the talk nodes 22, 30, 31 and 32 are available... if you meet the conditions.

Conditions are... conditions for the talknode to be available. gf(22,3)==1 tells the game to look if flag 22,3 (usually zone 22, flag 3) equals 1. gf(15,2)>4 tells the game to look if flag (15,2) which usually is the 2nd flag in zone 15 is greater than 4. etc

within the code, sf(22,3,2) sets the flag (22,3) to 2. Which means it would not satisfy the condition gf(22,3)==1 anymore.


There are also some other bizzare limits and limitations like too large text and the script breaks, too much code and the script breaks etc. I haven't found them all.


Seriously, it's not too hard. Time consuming to catch bugs and playtest yes. But not hard. Start making mods.

You could semi-safely steal the first flag of each zone since it usually corresponds to whether you would get the introductory text. Of course if you miscalculate and hijack a flag the game will need in the future... you've broken that quest line.

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