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Tatter Chatter


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* Contains "spoilers" for those who don't want to know them.


I've completed the Walkthrough for Tatterdemalion.

It's laid out in four parts: intro, BG, HO, SO.

In my ol' age, I've learned how to "edit" screen shots, so I've added a total of seven "shots" to it.

It has locations through the "story", then all the locations, (that I know of), at the end.

I have a couple of unresolved questions that I'd like to verify before I submit it, though.

Knowing T.R.K. put "ruses" in the scenario, I'm resolved that these are some of them.

1.) In Dolomite: I never got the door in the floor open.

2.) Arichat's "Inner Circle", "The Pure".

3.) Could never "read" the broken stone tablet.

4.) Although I wore the Diamond Necklaces, I couldn't tell if they affected enemies, or spell casting.

If anyone can enlighten me as to the importance of these items, I'd be most grateful.

As stated before, I expect to send the Walkthrough out next week, hopefully, Monday, the 17th. I'll submit it to Spiderweb and to Traci's site if they'll have it.

Again, thanks for the help I've received,


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To Giz':

Thanx. I thought it would be a good idea to wait a couple of days. I wanted to see if anyone knew if I had missed anything. Seems to be the "norm" at this age. :^}

For reference: My OS is W' 98.

(I really don't want to grow any farther than that. Too many "bells & whistles" for me)

The basic document is done in MS Word '97 and is saved as a *.doc file.

The "screen shots" were edited in MS Paint and saved as *.bmp files.

I don't have any idea if this will, or won't work on a MAC. If not, tell me where I can find a translator, (human, or program), and we'll tend to that, too.

Because the pictures are *.bmp the document is around 1,368k, unzipped. If it's too "heavy", I can change the pictures to *.jpg, but I feel that the quality goes downhill. In photography, (does anyone remember that?), you have to start with a good negative.

The document is 17 pages with the 7 pictures, (1/4 page), included and I'd really hate to clip it.

Other than the three scenarios that Jeff Vogle includes with the BoE package, I'm partial to recommending this to be the first scenario anyone plays, due to the three styles.

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To Princess Ruth:

Thanks, too to you.

I think that in most scenarios, Diamond Necklaces are only of monetary value.

But there are a couple of references to them in this Trilogy that indicate otherwise.

There is one instance where the Party finds several in one spot, having found a couple others along the way, and the scenario says, "The (enemy) Spell Casters have all been wearing Diamond Necklaces. You wonder if that means anything?"

T. R. K. put in several "ruses" and, as this initial post indicated, I was wondering if anyone ever found any effect.

I ran a specific scene, (keeping notes), just after finding them, I think, five times with and without them and noticed no difference in the effect received by the enemy.

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It could also be just an identifier for the group. I think that if the item is identified you'll be able to see if it has any special abilities. If the value for one is 10 times that of the others it's probably special.


Pretty soon I'll have to start paying Yahoo for my website. I'm running out of webspace. But that's OK. It's the sign of a healthy website. I like to have the actual text of the walkthrough on the site with shortcuts to specific events and questions. I know that PageBuilder doesn't support bitmap files so they'd have to be converted if I wanted to put them on a page. I could offer the walkthrough as just a downloaded zip but I'm partial to conformity and it would bug me if I did. Anyway, whenever you're ready just send me what you have and I'll worry about how to put it on the site then.

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How's this?

Tatter-Walkthrough.zip = 214k

That includes 21 pages of test, with 7 ea. *.bmp and the last four are specific locations.

Tatter-Locations.zip = 15k

That is only the four pages of specific locations.

If you would accept them both, they'll be on their way in the morning, 1/14/05.

Thanx for the interest,


ED: This is "no strings attached!" post, forward, give to anyone who wants them.

i.e.: "freebie download"


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It's 1/14/05

I've had no other response here, or at the Lyceum, so I'm "assuming" there are no comments on the questions.

To answer one myself, the Arichat issue, seems to be a "wild goose chase" done by T.R.K. He put several items in the scenario that are "red herrings", and a couple of statements that make the scenario more interesting.

It would appear that this is another one of them. You question and follow leads, just to find out he doesn't think you're "pure" enough for his "Inner Circle".

(Kinda sounds like real life, don't it?)

When I leave this, I'll send the two items to Traci. Hopefully, it won't be too large to be practical.

If only the "Locations" is posted and someone wants the "Epic" version, I watch this board and the Lyceum regularly. Just ask.

Again, it's a "freebie", or "public domain", or what ever the legal requirements are. ;^}

Lastly, the moderators can scratch this posting as it's now just taking up space.

Thanx all,


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