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I made it through the Bodyguards and Holy Ones scenarios, but am stuck at the Avain Fortress in the Sorcerers' scenario.

I found the dead Avian in the Desert with the broken statue of an Eagle in his pack and "assume" that has something to do with the answer to the access querie at the Fortress. Specifically, "Name your tribe, Avian."

I've tried numerous answers about the statue, Avians, even some Native terms, but seem to have hit a "brick wall"

(No, it's not wanbli, either.)

Anyone remember what the answer is?

I'd appreciate it a bunch.

In advance, Thanx,


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I appreciate the response.

I'll go back and try it.

In the Bodyguards scenario, I learned that I was to ask Arichat, "pure". I got him to tell me to come back later, then he said he didn't think we'd want to give up magic.

I'm sure the papers in the Abandoned House in the Desert, that they used for their Meeting Room were another "clue", too, but I never got anything more from him on that, either.

I may just go back to Dolimar to talk to him again before I try the Avian Fortress.

He's one of a couple of characters that seemed to have something to say, but I couldn't get them to respond to anything. I didn't "push" any of the conversations, because it appeared they'd be more important in the other scenarios, like Ledland. Other than that, the trilogy plays really smoothly.

I think it's a great way to learn the individual characteristics of the three PC types. Bodyguards went easy, so did the Holy Ones, but I had to struggle a bit in the beginning, with the Sorcerers only scenario.

P. S. If anyone out there knows a current address for the Author, Tarl Roger Kudrick, I'd have dropped him a line first, but the two addresses: @charm.net and @access.digex.net, both came back as undeliverable.

Thanx again.


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"Heron" was right, thanks!

Previous conversation with Reveé brought up the word, "password", while discussing Arachat's book, but on a return visit, I went through all the Dolomites and couldn't get any of them to give me the word, "heron".

So, again, thanks. I might have "shelved" this scenario, had it not been for you.


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When someone like Tarl "leaves", do they leave the scenario password with the Moderators, or Spiderweb? Or, is it probably included with the original submission of a scenario for you?

If someone, like myself, has questions, would all the answers be available?

It would seem terrible that any good scenarios would be left "hanging". Further, that you guys have the burden of looking up all this information.

I've recorded the locations and events through all three scenarios of Tatterdemalion, with the exception of a couple items that I didn't resolve. Then, I'll go back and try to work them out. If I really can't, I'd like to know the info is "out there, somewhere".

(With any luck, I'll end up with a "true" walkthrough!)

I know I'll never reach the level of many of you guys. I'm just of the wrong generation. But, I am progressing and hope to reach a stage where I can at least deal with the more difficult scenarios.

Finally, thanks for letting me know about the loss of Tarl. I've seen passing comments about Tatterdemalion for some time now and hearing about an author having left the site is sad.

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When someone like Tarl "leaves", do they leave the scenario password with the Moderators, or Spiderweb?

Or, is it probably included with the original submission of a scenario for you?
Nope again. This is part of the reason why many designers nowadays don't put passwords on their scenarios at all.

If someone, like myself, has questions, would all the answers be available?
Maybe. You stand a good chance of getting an answer if the scenario is popular (as most good scenarios are, although there are some reasonably good but mostly overlooked scenarios around).

The good news is that Bruce Mitchell appears to be on some kind of one-man crusade to make utterly comprehensive walkthroughs of every scenario he plays, right down to the level of what coordinates within towns contain special encounters. As a result, he's very helpful when he shows up on the boards to give advice. He hangs around the Lyceum (along with a number of other experienced players), so you might have better luck asking for help there.

... by the way, there just might be ways to look into scenarios without having the password. But you didn't hear that from me.
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Thanks for the offer, but there's no reason to go to that level. I simply hit a "wall" and needed a "hint" to get past it, which I, thankfully, received.

It sounds like I'm trying to do something like Bruce Mitchel is, only on a much smaller level.

I have a lot of notes from scenarios that I've played, some completed, some not. So, I decided to document some of them in a "walkthrough" manner, including the coordinates.

I find a personal shortcoming in my abilities with the "deeper" scenarios, (1), and with no complete walkthroughs on record for the Moderators to refer to, a player like me is "dead in the water" when a scenario reaches an "impasse", (2).

1.) I volunteered to "beta" TM's Corporeus, some time ago and felt like a fool because I couldn't get past the first obstacle.

2.) Also, I tried to rate some scenarios that Traci listed as "non rated", then couldn't resolve questions because the authors are not available, or the answers aren't available to the Moderators, again, feeling rather "inadequate".

Also, I've read the "reviews" by other members and, although I realize this a "personal opinion" thing, I'm real "uncomfortable" with the "crucifiction" of numerous authors and their offerings. So, it turns me off to become part of that environment.

So, here I am, in what's probably the state of many of the players out here, resolved to play the scenarios for what I feel they are and document them for my own satisfaction. I'd presume there are reams of paper in individual piles that could become part of a larger "data base", but will likely become "dust" over time.

Sorry for the "soap box" routine. It just "slipped out" and I've been wanting to say it for some time.

Again, thanks very much for the assistance offered.


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Check out http://www.geocities.com/tracihedlund/mylittleboepage.html

for a growing database of BoE walkthroughs, so that assistance from experienced players becomes redundant!


What about posting this website address at the top of Spiderweb's Blades of Exile Forum under 'Other Useful Links'???


I am not on some kind of one-man crusade to make utterly comprehensive walkthroughs of every scenario I play, right down to the level of what coordinates within towns contain special encounters! - at present BoE for me is an escape and a hobby and I do enjoy helping people, and giving something back to this game (after all the free scenarios).


To this end, I often use a highly potent party to enter a scenario and (fairly) quickly answer the problem of people posting questions on BoE.


Perhaps Ahbleza can contribute walkthroughs to Gizmo's website!?...

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I hope that there wasn't a misunderstanding in the last couple of posts, in that:

1.) I not only think that what Traci is doing is a terrific thing, but I've written her, thanking her for what she's doing and offered to try to "rate" some of the many outstanding scenarios, as well as I might, despite my "beginner" level of "expertise".

Several of the scenarios I attempted were "choppy" and difficult for me to "understand" what was intended by the author.

When I tried to E-mail the authors, to a one, the mail would come back. The author was "non-existant" for what ever reason. (Probably why they are all "non-rated".)

2.) To submit a review, I set up a rating system I felt would be fair. Then I read a lot of the existing reviews to see how my opinion "fit" in the "majority". A great number of comments were negative to the point of being downright insulting. To this, I take exception!

Though this is individual "opinion", I find this behavior to be detrimental to the entire BoE network and, since there were numerous comments of this level, (by high ranking members, I might add), I didn't feel my opinion would be of any value, so I've dropped back out to "re-evaluate" my motives. (I think everyone understands that "positive reinforcement" works, "negative reinforcement" does not!)

I'm in a stage of my life where I have a LOT of time on my hands, (63 & retired) and I love these sort of games. I felt I could, and would, like to, be involved, trying to help upgrade this network.

I'm the type that keeps notes of details, so it seemed like a good place to "do something good".

Again, I'm sorry if anything was taken in a "negative" vein. That's the last thing I want to do here. Perhaps this is one of the "growing pains" that occur as something evolves.

Let me just close with - I'm glad to see this network growing, I'm trying to grow too, and I'm going to stay with the games, with, or without being a part of the actual "functions".

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