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the poor prospector near tower of magi area


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in avernum 4


hello. he is the one who has been brainwashed to point you towards the vahnatai trap in the sulfur zone caves. it was a hard fight but i escaped from the trap and killed the vahnatais. but when i returned to him, he is still brainwashed, poor fellow. i tried casting unshackle mind next to him and it seems to not have done any good.


is there any way to help him? does it come up later? i havent tried visiting almaria yet

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It's just another scripted encounter designed to point you to a certain event. It doesn't matter unlike some where killing the NPC can cause problems later in the game.


Some players and if you go back far enough in the topics you can find their names, will kill anyone where they won't be seen. This can cause problems.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Put in the jars next to any empathy you feel for NPCs. :)

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