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Geneforge 1 - simple fire magic question

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I'm playing my first ever Geneforge game, and something which may be so simple is stumping me.


These are my stats:






Why can't I find firebolt on my bottom menu next to the shaping creature button? I have 1 in battle magic skills (tried increasing it to 3 just to check but it didn't work) and I have 2 points in firebolt and 1 in searer. Still, can't seem to find how I can cast these. I'm a Shaper and I focus on shaping, but I got these skill points for free and I still can't use these powers.


What am I missing?



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The buttons along the bottom of the screen change between regular mode and combat mode. Specifically, the buttons for spells like Firebolt and Searer are only present while you're in combat (and likewise, the keyboard letters that set those spells to be your default attack only do that while you're in combat mode).


You should at least be able to able to cast Firebolt at this point. I don't remember if Searer needs more than 1 level of Battle Magic.


Now, if you go into combat mode and the buttons *don't* appear, then I'm stumped.

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