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The all-fighter party


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Just because there needs to be a new topic started here and there hasn't been a single post here in a while...


What do you think of using an all-fighter party versus a magical party (in scenarios that don't require magic)? There are some advantages and disadvantages, and it's something different people might like to try.


Also, what sorts of characters would you have if you had an all-fighter party (e.g. edged, bashing, pole weapons, archery, etc.) and/or race.


I know we talked about this briefly earlier, but just to get the ball rolling here again...


EDIT: Here's where I mean: If Magic is your Crutch

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Why spend money on those when I can have a character who's a dedicated spellcaster? The benefit he gives to the others is greater than if he were a fighter alongside them, you don't need to carry loads of potions, you're not in deep trouble if you go too long without meeting a potion seller, etc, etc.


I find the optimal party structure to be one fighter, one 'support' spellcaster to bless/haste him.


EDIT: Bless/haste makes fights more than a bit easier. With it, I've beaten all sorts of monsters I had no business fighting with a level one party.

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Although I discovered the exile trilogy when it was kind of new, i did not play too much i was to young. So i am still play like a newbie. But whenever i create a new party, i use a spellcaster and two warriors. I find six characters are too much to handle and i really let the first couple of characters kill everyone. With my magic caster i use that characer editor and give him three priest and mage points. that is much easier for me. all magic or all fighter seems strange. i like using a balance. the only problem with the priest mage PC is that it is hard to find armor that doesnt give encumberance.

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I have actually tried all fighter parties in the past. Unfortunetly, when I did I kept running up against things that either required a wizard of a priest to move forward because people assume that there will be one in the party. It is a different style of play and is just as legit as anything else. I persinally highly support it because I feel that it offers more room for tactics when party creation is concerned and allows for more specialization in various fields. However, the main flaw is that healing is a little harder. Money tends to be a little tighter in the beginning but then towards the end money just isn't an issue anymore since you aren't paying for those really powerful spells and you already have most of the armor and weapons you will ever need.


I just think that more designers need to be concious of the possibility of an all fighter party entering their scenerio and plan accordingly.


When I build one I uwually have four front-liners, two with edged one with bashing and one with pole. Then there is an archer and a thrower who split unlock and disarm traps. Of course, having someone with woodsman and potion skill really helps. Sure you may never get the more powerful potions but then again all you really need is a few healing potions and you are good to go.

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My favoured party (level 20 or so) consists of


Aescal: your basic pole-weapons slith. Strong like bull, smart like tractor. High assassination, strength, speed, and pole weapons. Has that halberd from the unicorn scenario.


Kleia: my thief. Most people don't make their thieves that strong because of the image of the quick assassin, but in Exile that doesn't work so well. 'Cause the thief is going to be disarming traps, they have high life and immunities. She's also good with edged weapons.


Faugar: bowman, alchemist and mage. He's only a level four mage, but that's all you need, which is basically the point of this post. Mages aren't that important at all. He's good to have because of Move Mountains, hasting and the occasional fireball.


Betel: Maceman, artifacts (orb and scroll) manager, level seven priest.


Tyra: Swordswoman and level seven priest.


Priests are the key. Priests are way more important and necessary than mages, because of healing, curing disease and paralysis and other reasons. The Wound spell does high amounts of damage to almost any monster at fairly low cost.


I've beaten Falling Stars with this party.

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Here's my party: And yes, I use a couple default characters.


Jenneke-Human. Edged weapon user.

Thissa-Slith. Pole Weapon user.

Frrrrr-Nephilim. Archer.

Sturp-Human. Edged weapon user and alchemist.

D-Pliss-Slith. Another Pole weaponer.

Boomer-Nephilim. Bashing weapon user and door basher.


Jenneke and Sturp are ambidextrous, all have recuperation, and the other advantages are spread throughout the party. What do you say?

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Thanks, although the end battle should be the best part. frown


Just another thing, you remember I can't play scenarios with goblins either. I recently started one of the scenarios mentioned in the other thread, "Back to Normal," and the first dungeon was a Goblin Cave.


I don't know how many other scenarios are out there without magic, demons, or goblins, but there aren't very many, unfortunately. frown

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Malkriss is a good one. There are one or two Shamans in it, though.


Band of Wanderers is fun, and I don't believe there's any magic. No goblins, certainly.


Election and Areni, if you haven't tried them yet. Zankozzie's Big Mistake, sort of. There's no combat of any description, but the story is about a nutty wizard who turns his tower upside down and stuff.


Nightfall, perhaps. There's some evil cultists in it, but you can take one of the other two paths instead.

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