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How to best make a double ended weapon....


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In some scenerio im making, i want to include some 2handed double bladed weapons. Problem is, its rather hard to do. I could make it 2 1handed weapons, but then theres always the problem of using 1 end and another weapon. I could give it a speed boost, but it gets messy with web/haste, and the speed can be used for other things. I could make it a flaming weapon, but then theres the fire res and armor problem. Im rather stuck and im not sure what i should do. I would appreciate any ideas.

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I would have to say go with one attack suggestion. It's been so long since I've played BoE that I don't even remember what sort of enchantments there are, but if it's possible you could do multiple elemental damages, you could simply do the fire thing and a different element. One for either side I guess. Like I said though, I'm just a tad bit rusty. I'm not even sure you can do that.

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