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For Exile 3, you can start as a Slith or a kitty (I can't say their race, much less spell it), which gives a stat bonus. In fact, one of the guides on GameFaqs recommend you create a bunch of Sliths with maxed out Strength (for fighters) or Intelligence (for mages) which boosts your Strength to 22 or your Intelligence to 21 (and if you go for a kitty thief, 21 Dexterity). I tried that, but there seems to be no difference in 22 Strength to 20 Strength (same wight capacity, for example). It also requires you to sacrifice everything, weapon skill, mage skill, priest skill, thieving skills, and the guide recommends you add points with the editor (you COULD atleast try to use the Libras-Squiggus trade route and the random item shop in Storm Port to get Skill Potions and raise your other stats legimately, although the area around the Tower of Vakhos is really dangerous). My point is is there any difference when you use your race to go beyond the max stat level, or is that pointless?

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Random item point in Storm Port? Can you buy knowledge brew from there? I only knew of that island in the lake of Upper Exile.


Or making it yourself, but that requires 20 alchemy points, it'd take a lot of potion just to get that back.


True (or atleast I haven't seen it there), but you CAN buy skill potions, which are better than Knowledge Brew. I think (but not sure, I'm really just guessing) Weak gives 1 skill point to spend, medium 2, and Strong 3. You also can't buy artifacts or unique weapons there. No Beastslayer Blade, no Demonslayer, no Alien Blade, no Fury Crossbow ect. It caps an magic weapons.

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