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Erika's Legacy Problem


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I have just started playing Erika's Legend, and (following a walkthrough's instruction) I cannot find the secret passage to the Mystery Block, and have searched every accesable wall section, yet cannot fint the triangular indentation. Mayor Nell of Silvar has already described this mystery, and I already have the Crimson Triangle. I would greatly apreciate it if someone could tell me what I am doing wrong, or the location of the wall section I am searching for.

Also I have noticed that Erika's Amulet is not in the stagalmite (sp?) in the "boot", where it is suposed to appear.

I have already posted this issue on the Lyceum BBS, and haven't recieved an answer, so I thought I'd ask here. Thank you very much in advance for your help!

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Yes. I have the triangle, have been to the Tower (or outside of it, and was "rejected"),have talked to many people (incl. Mayor Nell of Silvar) about the mystery block, have searched every acessable wall around the Mystery Block for the triangular indentation, and searched the stagalmite (sp?) for the amulet, all to no avail. I have played part of this scenarion before, and have had no trouble finding the amulet (haven't played any farther that that last time, accidently replace the sav. file.)

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So, this is what worked for me.


Buy your boat from Jacob in Silvar for 500GP (tourist rip-off price!). Board boat, go north, take left fork, continue until you see gap in trees. Get off boat there. Follow the path north to reach the blood stain (go through tree at x11 y9).


Now, standing on the blood stain at x12 y8, look at the basalt wall to the east (x13, y8). You get a message saying the triangle fits into the odd niche in the wall - and a door appears one space to the north (x13, y7) of the niche.


I managed to find the amulet in the boot by bumping in to the stalagmite at x121 y21.

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