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Missing scenario's - Alex outdated links


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While trying to download some scenarios I missed I realised that the links in Alex won't work:

1) Dark Raiders - by Vaughn Woods

2) The Isle of Serin - by Chris Lawson

3) The Killing - by The Doomguard

4) A Quest for Milk - by Will Dolive (not on spidweb ftp?)

5) Shopping Scenario by Camila Kantola

If you have any working links please post them here, or else if it's not too much trouble send me the files (st_elinor@hotmail.com).

Many thanks

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[sorry for double-posting]

Unfortunately, #1 seems to lead to the Yahoo "This page does not exist" message and #5 is a dead "dencity" link! confused

And google has not been much of a help...


As for #4 - it was found eventually (the file is not on the spiderweb ftp site) on:


- Caligula's database

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