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Falling Stars


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Where can I find a good walkthrough for Falling Stars? The one on Alcritas' site isn't that great-- and is rather vague.


Specifically what I need to know is: Where do I plant Gesmal's Fangs? Vayla told me to plant it in fertile ground in the basin-- but I don't know where the basin is, nor what ground is fertile.


Second: I've searched all over in the wyvern dungeon, but can't find the amber heart. I've used magic map, and am fairly sure there's nothing I've missed. What gives?


Third, and more importantly-- what do I do after I've completed the General's missions? Apparently I'm supposed to do a mission for Anthalon, but I don't know where he is.


If anybody can direct me to a guide, or answer those questions off the top of their head, I'd be very grateful.

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