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Geneforge 5 - Thistlewood Bandits Bug

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I went into the Thistlewood area after getting the quest to kill the bandits there, and merrily slaughtered my way through most of them - but when I got to the back of the camp, I was low on health/essence, and sort of panicked at the spawn of Callaran and his goons - so instead of fighting them, I threw up a few disposable meatshields and ran for the zone border.


Unfortunately, this seems to have bugged the game for me, because when I returned to the zone, Callaran was gone. I've read Berenhold's letter in the box, but without Callaran dead the Sergeant doesn't seem to recognize that I have completed her quest and I can't progress to the next step. Is there any way to fix this? A flag I can reset in one of the script files or something?

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Yup. I knew I'd need to reset a flag, I just wasn't sure how to find out which flag to reset.


So I poked around in the Thistlewood scripts and found the flag that triggers Callahan's spawn - 10 49 [x], specifically, and reset it to 10 49 0. He spawned properly this time, I murderfaced him horribly, and was able to resolve everything proper this time. So problem solved, in case anyone else ends up with this issue in the future.

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