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Geneforge 2 error


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Um, if your "admin" account works fine why wont you use it.


If you don't want to, please state clearer information.

What system you are using, etc.


Edit- Oh! I think I know why. If your computer only lets you make files on the "admin" accout, you have to use it because when you save you make files.

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This problem stems from Jeff's modifications to the games to work with Vista, which doesn't like programs to write to the Program Files folder (Go figure rolleyes ) Anyway, the game puts its save files in the user's documents directory. Most likely, the game was installed using the admin account. Unfortunately, no accounts (other than those with administrator privileges) can read or write to another account's documents directory.


Depending on what privileges your account has, you may or may not be able to install programs, if you are unable, ask your parents (or whoever it is that controls the computer) to temporarily give your account administrator privileges. Then, reinstall the game from your account. Your parents can return your account to its original state, and you should have no problems saving anymore. smile

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