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The Final Spire, RELEASED!


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Get it at my site!


I'll admit it, anxiety took me too far. I released it before I got full reports. However, I've looked through the scenario, and did many rounds of final alpha-testing. I guarantee you that there are no bugs in the scenario.


Anyway, huge thanks to my beta-testers for their work betatesting. I realize that I expected more out of my beta testers than I did for FER and ND, such as asking questions about the scenario. Also special thanks to Barcoorah (Ash) for being my consultant throughout the production of the scenario.


Hope you all enjoy the final product! It's pretty hard, I can tell you that. It's also better than my previous scenarios. :p


In addition, I made some other changes to my site:

* I took down the Exotic Exile Exam, due to lack of popularity.

* I added top 50 and bottom 20 lists for BoE scenarios. Absolutely pointless, but fun nontheless.

* I re-released the Classic Exile Terrain (turquoise cave floor graphics), made by Stareye and Skyle. In the Windows version, I made an alternate 'mixed' file so that your map will show cave floor too! (*i, if you object to the hosting of these, you may ask me to take them down.)

* Added a list of goofs and bugs in Exile 3. Also pointless.

* Added links to Kelandon and Drakefyre's BoE pages, and added descriptions of the pages I have links to.

* Added graphics to make the site more visually appealing. (DON'T tell me the 'about this site' page's graphics are broken, I know. I'll fix it later.)


Enjoy the scenario and the updated site!

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