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Spehres Scenarios


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I saw some online somewhere, and I made some myself. I didn't make a map for the third one though because it sucks. Please hold while I search.


EDIT: Luz\'s RotS map at The Blazing Blades


EDIT 2: No map is available for QotS. I will upload my own maps momentarily.


EDIT 3: Okay, here are the maps I made. Note that they (obviously) may spoil some of the sense of adventure and exploration that is part of what makes these scenarios so good, so be careful.


In the RotS and QotS maps, solid lines are vines, and dotted lines leading to an isle mean the isle must be accessed in a different way than simply walking along a vine. The vines are placed approximately where they appear in relation to the isle.

RotS Map

QotS Map


In the QotS Slith Caves map, solid-colored quares with arrows represent tunnels. Arrows pointing up are tunnel entrances, and arrows pointing down are tunnel exits. Similarly colored squares represent the entrance(s) and exit of the same tunnel.

QotS Slith Caves Map

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