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Where are the GOOD tables?


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Pardon my ignorance; I haven't been here in a while.


I was just browsing through Spidweb's Blades of Avernum and Blades of Exile scenario lists, and there seem to be hardly any scenarios there compared to all the ones discussed in the Lyceum. So I'm just wondering, where are the most inclusive scneario download tables around here?


And by the way, while I'm at it, is there anywhere to find a walkthrough for Doom Moon II? I'm already stuck, and I just started.

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Ahh! I looked at the walkthrough provided for Doom Moon II and it didn't make any sense! It said in the section titled 'Cave of Dragons' that there were trapped tiles and rigged braziers at certain locations, but practically always those were just the locations of blank cave floor or walls. What's going on?


I'm stuck in the Dragon's Cave, having just woken up the dragons. I've even tried doing things like completely boxing them in with force barriers and stuff so they can't touch me, souping up my party with Major Blessing and Protection, and just trying to speed off, but I'm still destroyed by their mega-spells like Unholy Magic and Major Kill. Is there an easier way to escape the dragons, or should I just toughen up my level 46 party and keep trying to run away?

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The bit in the walkthrough you mention refers to a different dragon cave; there's another later on.


If you have trouble escaping the dragons, just refuse to be sacrificed and fight your way out of the castle instead. Eventually, you end up in the same situation either way.

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