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How the heck do I deal with the trolls in Hanod? I remember from the Odashai lecture that they have a weakness for fire but when I cast identify on them, it said they are immune to fire (as well as everything else plus invulnerable). I tried a flame spell anyway and no damage.


I'm assuming there is some clever solution that I'm just not seeing (quickfire, perhaps?). Help!


Also, I saw on another thread something about orb stealing. Where do you get this quest? I spoke with the necromancers but there was no hint about this.

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Ooh! I just thought of two more questions!


1) I got the quest from the hobbling to get the red orb from his cottage in the Valkala forest. However, when I visited the forest, I found a cottage with a locked door and couldn't get in.


2) Also, where is the fourth Little Girl? I've found the one in the used book bin, in the Press Your Luck show and the garbage dump outside Majestica.



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