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AC2 Trouble


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"He liked my mother, but not me. So I sent him to the corn field."


Response to "field":


"The corn field is right outside Archibald's house. I sent him there instead of the pit, cause sometimes people can get out of the pit and I didn't want him to ever get out."


On a side note, where on Earth is Shyguy? confused

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All right, my brother is playing now, and here we go again. He has the Spark of Life, but he can't figure out how to insert it into the gumby on the third floor of the place on the Forbidden Island. I did it somehow, but it's not working for him.


EDIT: Eh, never mind, problem solved. It seems that my brother was less than explorational enough to read all the dialog in the doctors' rooms. :rolleyes:

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