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1.7 GHz vs 2.53 GHz?


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Let's get to the point


My laptop specs



Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card

Windows 8


I think that's all


So my friend asked me if I could fix his laptop as it is overloaded with bloatware and viruses. Starting up takes his laptop like 10 minutes to run at full speed. There were a lot of unnecessary programs in the background and stuff. It was a horrible sight, yes. So I reformatted his laptop, installed the Dell drivers, nothing more. It was much faster than it was before, well at least it is.


Problem is, I used a random Unity game as a measuring stick to measure his laptop's performance. Mine ran the game at smooth 60fps at high performance. Yet when I tried his laptop, it was frequently shifting from 10-30 fps at the same high performance.


That was a few months ago, but IIRL, his specs are:


Intel Core i5 something something CPU @2.53 GHz



Windows 7 professional

Intel HD Graphics 3000


And I thought his laptop was supposed to run better games than mine. Anyone knows why?

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Oh, that explains. My assumption was hey, it's only one intel generation thing, what could go wrong? Well I was wrong, thanks Lilith.


But I do remember when I opened his laptop at school, the game ran at 20 fps for a sec then the next thing was smooth 60. Strangely, I've observed that his laptop runs best on battery rather than on charger. Something's definitely not right. I would advise him to play using the battery, but after 1 minute, the laptop would shut down, because his battery is kinda broken.

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If it runs differently on mains rather than battery, that indicates power settings are messed up.


Also, initial lag and then smoothness is usually caused by I/o latency as things are loaded into memory (or in some cases, nonessential things swapped). Nothing to do for that besides a ramdisk (ibwouldnt recommend for your system), or short striping (which may help, but can be difficult to do properly).

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If it runs differently on mains rather than battery, that indicates power settings are messed up.


That happened to my laptop once when it was still a few months old. I played League of Legends one day, and saw my fps stutter and seem to cap at around 20-30. I removed my charger then saw it ran smooth as butter, from 20-30 to the 60 vsync cap. Then when it almost ran out, I had to plug in the charger, but it would stutter again and all that. So I tried taking a look at my power plan and it was on the default balanced state. I set it to high performance and it solved the problem.


But I've played LoL during my first few months with my laptop on balanced without any problem. And by that I mean it is 60 fps on charger while on balanced power plan. Which is weird.


Oh well, thanks for the explanation guys. I'll take it from here.

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