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Windows emulator for Linux


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Exile I, II, III, and BoE all run excellently in Wine. In fact, E3 for Windows runs better in Wine than E3 for Linux runs natively.


Avvy 1 and 2 run fine, if a bit slowly, in Wine. They run a bit faster in Transgaming's WineX, if you want to bother. I haven't tried A3, but I'm sure it'd work fine.


I haven't tested Geneforge. I'd be again surprised if it didn't work.

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i run gentoo linux on an amd athlon 1.0ghz. with a current build of wine you should get the games to install and play fine. i am running geneforge and avernum 3 just fine.


wine-x is really just a couple tweaks to installers and some rudimentary directx support which really isn't applicable to games from spiderweb.


and wine is an "application compatibility layer," not an emulator. emulators are for hardware.

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