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Lag on all pre geneforge 5 games.

Keith Kleekamp

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first of all before you tell me to install the windows comparability toolkit i already have. it did remove the annoying mouse lag but other than that it still lags a lot. but unusually only when there is text appearing on the screen (if i stand near writing on the wall or random texts of guards, serviles or other people saying things).


my computer is new with really good specs. which i'm sure is the incompatibility.


CPU: i7 4770k

RAM: 24 GB Crucial Ballistix Elite

GPU: EVGA Geforce gtx680 4 GB version


those are the big ones but if i'm missing a crucial part in this investigation ask and ye shall receive.

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Yes it is, I suffered from the lags especially when disarming the mines or using the tab button to show-all the stuff in the screen, or what you said.


I've made a topic somewhat like this, and all I got was the Geneforge engines got too 'rusty', and I never got a fix for that.


I assume it is probably the GPU, from what I've heard (but not yet confirmed) from others is that newer GPUs tend to wreck support in their drivers for older games, to build new improvements for the newer games.


I'm not very helpful, but I would also appreciate answers from other members :D

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