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The Nightmare Guardian in Revenge is level 80. I don't know how Creator did this, but on my copy being level 80 is the same as being level 0. The Guardian, despite magical resistance, blacks out at the slightest sign of a sleep cloud and is easily charmed or paralyzed. This kind of ruins the effect of the fights and chase scenes with him.


I found this out because I'm trying to get through it with a level 5 party that has no extra spells. I'm currently stuck on the Burr-Denn fight where he has the shield, though.


Very cool scenario, by the way. smile

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I suppose there's bound to be a few side effects when you use a hacked editor to raise stats beyond their normal maximum. :p I never had that one, though.


For the tunnels fight, I may be forgetting here, but I think the rocks he animates are charmable. Give that a shot.


By the way, I admire your courage in trying it with a level 5 party. :p

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Rocks are level 35. Nothing doing.


The best strategy I currently have is to put my fighter next to him, my casters in the back, and attack like mad. I can web Bur-Denn down to 1 spell a turn, but I only have so many spell points. Double-cursed rocks usually can't hit my blessed fighters. The strategy usualy falls apart if I can't kill the Skree in time or when Burr-Denn casts an area spell. With Mindblast, I have to use Light Heal All each turn.


Is there some secret to beating powerful spellcasters without antimagic? I beat Kassand only by dumbfounding him to death, but that doesn't work here. Creator said he didn't have antimagic against Selene in Falling Stars, so there must be a way. Any help?


P.S: It's more laziness than bravery. I had to reinstall BOE a while ago and couldn't be bothered to get the HLPM, so I took my party from Spears :p .

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Just so you know, I'm Creator. :p It's just been a long time since I made that scenario. Now that you mention the Skree, that twigs something in my brain - I think it's actually that thing that you can charm. Or something. The particulars of individual monsters and fights have kind of faded with time.


In general, the two best tactics to beating spellcasters are 1) be out of sight when it's their turn or 2) hit them with lots of melee fast. In the case of Selene, I had 3 priest/fighters, so I had them cast Avatar before every big fight. That doesn't really apply here.

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You're Creator?

And now I feel stupid...


I've killed Burr-Denn's cronies and am currently hiding behind a rocky outcropping sniping at him. I had to use the Character Editor to un-dumfound me and restore my health and sp, but I'm going for only that once. Mindblast makes life difficult, but I'll get him soon.


I hope the rest of the fights are easier...


I also unvocered another bug: Once, Burr-Denn's shield moved off him, which was vaguely odd. I don't recall any strange circumstances; are both of them set to "not move" in the editor?


And the Skree is charmable... if you're a god. Lvl 36. However, if it WAS charmable it would be stupid, because of the death touch.


Thanks for your help!

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Sorry, the fights don't get easier by any means. Some are really nasty. Thus my admiration for your courage. :p I hope you picked up the amulet the Nightmare Guardian dropped. That will have a large influence on one of the toughest fights.


That's a weird bug... never encountered that one either. I assume they're set to not move, but I neither have a copy of the scenario or of BoE anymore, and as I've already demonstrated, I don't remember the intricacies of the scenario too well.


I don't think it would be stupid to have the Skree be charmable. It's a tactical puzzle. It's not like you could win every fight with it. That said, looks like I was wrong anyway. :p You CAN get some to fight on your side later, though, which will really help in the mean fights.

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