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How do you take a screenshot?


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I've been trying to figure it out for ages, but how do you take a screenshot from BoE. confused

I know you can because I've seen it happen on people's websites, and I once even downloaded a scenario file which came with a full map of the scenario.

I'm starting to get curious over this, any help?

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Hoping you're on a PC..........

If you haven't noticed, when you've clicked on one of the separate windows, such as the Auto Map, you'll notice that the colored strip at the top of that window is activated and you are working in that screen and you can't move the characters on the Main Screen with the four cursor keys. But, if you use the mouse and click on the Main Screen, then you can move them on the Main Screen.

Sorry to elaborate. I just wanted to point out why the OS is called "Windows".

If you hold down the "alt" key and press the "print screen" key, the OS, (windows), will put the image of the entire screen into a buffer, or section of memory as a temporary file.

If you turn off your machine, it will be lost.

If you want to make an image of someting such as the Auto-Map that shows where you are:

First click on that window to make it active, rather than the entire screen. Then, hold down the "alt" key and press the "print screen" key. Now the image stored in the buffer is only the one of the Auto Map, not the entire Screen.

Next, open MS Paint. When it comes up, there will be a blank section that you're going to put the image onto. BUT......

You need to make sure the blank area is large enough for you to place the image and for you to work with it. If you've saved an image of the Auto Map, it will be around 300 Pixels square. Assuming you want to cut the actual picture out of the frame, you'll need a blank area at least twice that size. I'd recommend 800 x 800, especially if you're going to add other sections to it. (The Auto Map won't show an entire Town, if it's large.)

If you're not familiar with MS Paint,

From the Drop Down Menus, click on Image, then, Attributes, (also ctrl + E). You'll get a screen that allows you to set the values, or size of the blank you need to use. Regardless of what came up, change it to something else, such as 800w x 800h. You should see the white working area change size.

Now, click on Edit, then Paste. The OS should put your image of the Auto Map onto the top left of the working area. Use the Tool Bar that is probably on the top left and choose the dotted rectangle. On the image you've pasted, put the cursor on the top left corner of the picture only, not the entire image with the BoE Logo, etc.

Now, holding down the left button, move the mouse so the cursor goes to the bottom right of the picture, then let go of the button. You'll see a dotted outline of the picture. If you place the cursor anywhere on the picture, then hold down the top left button, you can move the picture anywhere you want on the white work area. That's Window's Drag & Drop.

I've made this too long already, so I'll cut it short here, but.....

Remember that you can't hurt anything, but to lose the image. Go back and do it over. You'll "do over" lots of times. It's normal. Including when you mess up a picture.

Try all the options on the drop down menus and the tool bar. You'll learn to erase mistakes, write the name of the image, etc.

Play with it a while. If you have any more questions, just ask, If I can't help there are others here much better at this than I.

me wink

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Again, ya' can't hurt anything. All you could do would be to lose the image and have to go back and re-"print screen" it.

Play around with them. Then when you decide to start collecting pictures, etc. they'll come easy.

Try patching several sections of an outdoors together. That's a good start.

If it's too hard to keep them from jumping around, change the setting on your mouse to a slower tracking speed. Then set it back when you're done.


P.S. Sounds like someone else wants to start making full folders of the Scenarios, eh?


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