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Disappearing item bug.. any way to get them back?

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I was stuck in the Slith Temple with very few HP and no SP, and had to figure out a way to escape. Loaded down with slith spears and silver rings, I decided to take off my armor and shield to get a few more AP (well, I got one more, but it helped!). Because my 'max item' limit of 20 was passed, I couldn't put it in my inventory, so I pressed "escape", which I assumed would either drop it to the ground or put it back on my body.


I made my escape, rested up, and returned. My items were gone. :(


I tested this with my helmet, but didn't save afterward, and this is what happens if you have max items and cancel the placement of a removed equip.


I went into the editor and tried to 'Add armor,' and the selection is limited to just a few items. Am I missing a way to scroll and find more? Is there any other way to add my items?


Obviously, I have saved over my previous save...


Thanks for any advice!

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Thank you. I managed to use the editor to replace my Mithral (sic) chain mail, but quickly replaced it with an upgrade anyway. :) Is there another crystal shield in the whole game? I've been looking through guides and it's hard to tell. I bought the one from the smelter cave north of Dharmon..

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