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What are the good scenarios?


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He'd be better off checking the Comprehensive Scenario Rankings . However, a lot of the best scenarios are pretty tough for beginners, and some may just not be his style. There's a lot of variety in size, style, difficulty, etc, so it would be easier to recommend if we knew what you're looking for.

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For instance, if you loved Exile 3 then you'd probably like Adventurer's Club. And if you loved A Mild Rebellion, you'd probably like Tatterdemalion. If you'd rather have short and sweet, I suggest Back to Normal, The Magnificent Six, and Odessa's Journey. There are many other good scenarios, most of which I have not played yet either, but thought I'd give you a start.

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1.) Read the Forums to find out which have the highest ratings, (opinions of other Players).

2.) Check the size of all the Scenarios you've selected.

3.) Open each *.zip file to read any Text added by the Author, (hints, etc.).

4.) Pin the List on a wall.

5.) Throw a dart at the List.

6.) Start playing.

In truth, only you can pick which ones you'll truly enjoy and that will only be after you've played several of them.

One other point is; Once you've found a Scenario you like, try to find any others done by that Author. The style of play will show in any other Scenarios they've written.

Hard part is that only a few Authors have done more than a couple of Scenarios. But, that, too, is an indicator that they have some talent, so it may be a key to your choice.

Lastly, sometimes "blind luck" provides the best results because you don't have any preset expectations.

Play them like life; as they come.


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Also, if you go to Alexandria and check the "Detailed Info" checkbox, when you do a search, you will see a list of attributes for each scenario:


A = Amateurish.

B = Buggy.

C = Complex - not for new players.

D = Design is excellent.

E = Epic-like in size, scope.

F = Fighting is overused.

G = Graphics customized are excellent.

P = Puzzles & logical challenges.

R = Rewards balanced for quest difficulty.

S= Storyline is excellent.

T = Spelling and/or grammar errors.

X = Adult content, concepts.


This may help you pick the type of scenario you like to play.

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