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Melee Skill & Spear Skill

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Just to clarify, are this seperate? As in melee is for swords/daggers etc and spears is for spears? Just asking because a lot of the default chars have both melee and spear skill points? If you wanted a full spear char should you drop all melee skill points?


Yes, the default characters are not built particularly well; there's not much point in having both skills.


And welcome to the forums, uncleseano!

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Ok grand, just making sure I didnt bork my lads with useless beginner skills.


Looking forward to the Avernun 2 and 3 remakes. Especially 3, I got disks (Exile 3)sent out to my house a teen, paid cash in the post for them. Maddness I tells ya. Anywhos...



Another quick one, can't find anything on the forums about it but...why does it keep on saying 'Some Trash falls out of your Pack'...any idears? I'm in the selfie lair

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