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Mage and Priest Spell Nodes


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I just made a few changes to the Give Mage Spell and Give Priest Spell nodes. All of the modifications were to specials.c. The changes are as follows:


1) It is now possible to access the level 1-3 spells. The index for these is 100 + spell number.

2) It is now possible to take away spells. If the extra1a field is <= 0, the spell is given, if it is >= 1, takes it away.



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Ah, great news, I was just about to ask if this could be made... just the numbers could be better, can't they be changed from the beginning, so the Level 1 Spells begin at 0?


Good work guys, this lets the Exile Trilogy-Feeling come up again... (Getting the complicated Ritual Spell from the beginning is boring, the way how you get it in E3 is much better!)

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