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Geneforge Resolution unable to run


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I'm wondering if anyone knows how to fix this,


I'm trying to run Geneforge 1-3 on Windows 8, but I am unable to bring my resolution to 800x600. The game also isn't able to do it automatically. I've already checked my resolution options and it doesn't go that low.


So is there a way to play them with a higher resolution?


I'm trying to run the geneforge series I bought from steam.

Windows 8 Pro

Nvidia GTX 550Ti

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I might have found a solution to this. I was trying to run avernum 4 on my new win 8 machine and it gave me a message saying I had to run with 16 bit color. if you right click the executable file for the game go to properties and then go to the compatibility tab you can choose reduced color mode. after I did this it fired right up.

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