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Cave/Nature Lore - Group or Single?

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I was under the impression Find Herbs worked individually for each character that had it (just that it was beneficial for each character to have it), but it's good to know that I can stop having one character pump Nature Lore.


It's weird that it's stated really clearly that Arcane Lore helps with each character, but not with Nature Lore.

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The descriptions of skills and mechanics are often outright lies. I'm not sure if anyone has actually tested to see that Find Herbs is individual or collective. I'd expect the outcome to be the same either way, though: if each point is worth a certain chance of finding herbs, it doesn't matter whether it checks each character sequentially or all of them at once. And non-linear benefits to the skill would be out of character for a Spiderweb game.


—Alorael, who notes that Find Herbs is one of the few skills of the sort that is never checked against a value that you need to match. It just gives you stuff every so often.

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