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Where can I find AC3


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AC-3 is a MONSTER Scenario, the third in the series and is Top Notch!

If your version says anything about the second half "will be coming", I'd say dump it and go to Alexandria to download the Completed and Updated version.

It will be: AC3v203.zip 798k

There may be an earlier, full, version floating around, (there shouldn't be, anymore), that has a "fatal" flaw.

The author, Shyguy, left an "exit" tunnel during the writing stage and forgot to remove it when he submitted it.

DO NOT play anything except the v203 version.

Again, probably the best place to find it would be at the Alexandria site.

There has been a big push on, lately, to update the BoE network.

P.S.: Shyguy has been really good about answering questions about the scenario, if you should get stuck. This scenario is just tooooo big for a practical "Walkthrough". (At least, for now ;^})

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