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Bug! Help? (te_can_look_at = -1; )


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I've been creating a lot of graphics lately, testing them out and using most for my new scenario.


Unfortunately i've come across a bizarre bug. I'm certain it's a bug because I spent a rather long (too long) amount of time trying to solve it.


Whenever you press the 'look at' button (Or 'L' key), a letter will appear on every type of this one terrain. Sometimes multiple types of terrain. It only happens to THAT type of terrain.


I tried to solve this, thinking "Hmm, I must of used import incorrectly" so I tried a different import.

After that failed, I proceeded with the next obvious maneuver - I added te_can_look_at = -1; to the defined terrain.

This also didn't seem to work. At this point I felt rather frustrated, and continued to feel this way for the next three hours.


I began to try some of my debugging tricks, such as changing the terrain number, see if that works. (nope)

Then I delete every property and made it as simple as:



begindefineterrain 412;


te_which_sheet = 500;

te_which_icon = 0;


This also didn't work. I eventually got so frustrated I completed deleted the terrain type and recreated it, using a new sheet, a new icon, a new terrain number, and the only thing it had in common was that it was in the same data file. It still survived, I do not know how or why.


Eventually after ripping the data file to shreds and completely rewriting it, it finally abated. But I have no idea why, it was as though it got sick of me. Now the problem has reappeared elsewhere on several other terrain types. It went and got it's friends and came back to haunt me some more.


The problem still persists, it's like a horrible nightmare, it knows my thoughts! It wont let me kill it!


Has anyone ever experienced this problem, if so, did you fix it? and how? Please tell me! it's driving me insane!

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"After that failed, I proceeded with the next obvious maneuver - I added te_can_look_at = -1; to the defined terrain. This also didn't seem to work."

If you look at the documentation, it seems the null case is "te_can_look_at = 0;"

not "te_can_look_at = -1;".

te_can_look_at (Defaults to 0) - If 1, when a player presses the look button in the game, this is one of the spaces he or she is given the option of searching. Boxes, special terrains that you want the player to be able to search, and interesting and unusual things should have this set to 1.

Try that = 0, it should work...

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I actually think that searchable terrains are actually broken - I'm pretty sure somebody (Ephesos, if I recall correctly) figured out that certain terrain numbers are always searchable, or something ridiculous like that.


I mean, the solution so far seems to have been either to avoid those numbers, or just ignore the bug - it's slightly annoying to have everything in the game be searchable, but at least it doesn't actually break anything in any way.


Edit: because I love you, here is the original post with SAFE terrains (i.e., ones which te_can_look_at will work for).

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Ah thank you very much. And yes Ishad, I noticed that after I posted it, but I did look at the documentation, many, many, many, many times.


Edit: Thanks Nikki, I've now realised that all of the other terrain numbers that I tried to swap them with, all happened to be OTHER terrain numbers that also had the same problem. I guess I got extremely unlucky with that... :p


Edit: checked out that link you gave. It was so very helpful, thank you!

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